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Professional Office Cleaning

Professional Office Cleaning

There’s so much to think about when running a business. Managing your day-to-day operations, keeping your customers happy, and taking care of your staff takes lots of work. It can seem like there’s always so much to do. This means it’s easy to forget about the importance of professional office cleaning. 

Having your office professionally cleaned can make a huge difference to your business. Here, we’ll explore the subject of professional office cleaning. Read on to discover office cleaning tips and advice for your company:

How often should an office be cleaned?

Before hiring professional cleaners, you may be wondering how often should your office be cleaned. This is a great question and one many people ask. 

Many areas of your office will need daily cleaning. These areas include the toilet facilities and kitchen area. It’s also best to vacuum or mop the floors everyday, too. This is especially important if your office has a lot of foot traffic. It’s also essential to dust over the surfaces. Tasks such as emptying bins and waste paper baskets should also be carried out daily.

As well as daily cleaning, a regular deep clean is also recommended. Some businesses choose to deep clean their offices weekly. For others, a deep clean may be completed monthly. A deep clean is a vital task to keep your office looking its absolute best. 

Deep cleaning also plays a crucial role in promoting a healthy workplace. A buildup of dust and dirt can lead to a range of issues for your staff. Team members with existing respiratory problems can be especially impacted by a dusty work environment. So, regular cleaning and deep cleaning should be organised.

What is the most effective way to clean your office?

We offer a professional and top quality office cleaning service

Everyone likes the feel of walking into a freshly cleaned office in the morning. A clean office makes for a positive work environment. If you have clients visit your office, keeping it spotlessly clean is even more important. After all, you need to make the right first impression. But, to gain these benefits, you need to be sure that the office is cleaned thoroughly and effectively.

An office is often a big space with lots of items throughout. This can make cleaning seem like a daunting prospect. Understanding the steps you need to take to clean your office effectively is essential. Here’s how to get started:

  • Start by cleaning the bathroom thoroughly. This includes cleaning the toilet bowls, tanks, seats, and disinfecting the flush buttons/handles. The bathroom sinks, taps, soap dispensers, and countertops will also need thorough cleaning and disinfecting. Next, you’ll need to sweep and mop the floors. Finally, bathroom supplies will need to be restocked. This includes topping up the soap dispensers and toilet rolls.
  • Kitchen areas will need to be thoroughly cleaned, too. This involves sanitising all surfaces and cleaning the floor. Wiping over regular touchpoints, such as fridge doors and cupboard handles, is also needed. Finally, the floor will need to be swept and mopped.
    How to clean and sanitise your fridge
  • Starting by dusting and cleaning desks and surfaces in the office is vital. Next, you will need to wipe over computers, phones, printers, and any other office equipment. The tops of cubicle partitions/desk dividers will also need to be wiped over. 
  • The corners of the office, skirting boards and door frames will all need to be dusted. Once this is complete, you can move on to vacuuming the floors.
  • For a more thorough clean, it’s wise to sanitise areas that are frequently touched. This includes door handles, light switches, and lift buttons. Disinfecting these will help to improve office hygiene and prevent sickness spreading throughout the building. Cleaning these areas is especially crucial if you have team members off sick. Plus, during the winter months when coughs and colds are everywhere.
  • One task that should never be overlooked is emptying the bins. Emptying waste paper baskets and bins every night is vital. This helps to reduce the risk of fire and also increases office hygiene.

How do I prepare for a professional cleaner?

Preparing your office for the professional cleaner will help you get the best results from their services. 

Introducing a clear desk policy so that employees remove personal belongings and paperwork from their desks overnight is helpful. Having these items stored safely means that the professional cleaners can complete a thorough clean.

Removing any clutter from your office space will also help you to prepare for the professional cleaner. This is especially important if your office is going to have a deep clean.

Communicating your needs and expectations is also essential for a deep clean. If you have any specific instructions relating to the clean, it’s really helpful to discuss these before the cleaners get started. You can then be sure that you’ll be left with the impressive results you’re looking for.

What is the difference between a cleaner and a professional cleaner?

There’s a world of difference between a cleaner and a professional cleaner. A professional cleaner has the skills and knowledge to provide the highest standard of finish. Using specialist products and equipment, a professional cleaner will leave you with a superior clean. Attention to detail, experience, and the right tools are all essential for the best clean. A professional cleaner will provide all of these. You will notice the difference for yourself as soon as you walk into your freshly cleaned office.

Is it worth getting a professional cleaner?

Once you start using a professional cleaner, you’ll notice the difference right away. Using a professional cleaner ensures your office always looks its absolute best. Enlisting a professional cleaning service is also the best way to ensure your office is hygienically clean. So, it’s absolutely worth using a professional commercial cleaning company.

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning company in Brighton and Hove, we can help. Here at High Class-Cleaning, we can take care of all your commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning needs. Call us today to find out how we can help your business.

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