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Why Should You Hire a Professional Cleaning Company for Your Rental Property?

Why Should You Hire a Professional Cleaning Company for Your Rental Property?

Maintaining rental properties can be a time-consuming process. When guests leave, you’re stuck cleaning up before the next paying customers move in.

Fortunately, you can get help. Instead of endlessly reading lists of cleaning tips and advice, companies can take over this task for you, letting you generate real passive income from your assets.

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Reasons to hire a professional cleaning company

Property owners hire professional cleaning companies for the following reasons:

  • Save time and money. Hiring professional cleaners to prepare your holiday rental before the next guest arrives saves you time and money. You don’t have to stay on-site.
  • Better work. Professional cleaners also have more experience cleaning properties and doing a thorough job. They have all the equipment they need to make the property spotless.
  • Boost quality standards. Holidaymakers and people who rent short-term are much more likely to post favourable reviews of your property if you get it cleaned professionally.
  • Improve guest turnover. Professional cleaning can also reduce the time between guest rentals. Turnover could be as little as two to four hours, reducing void periods.
  • Get a full menu of services. Professional cleaners offer a range of services, sometimes including maintenance. They can care for upholstery, gardening and laundry service.

How to choose the proper holiday let cleaners for you

Holiday let cleaners can be great, but you need to choose the right agency if you want good results. The best services:

  • Are available if you have an emergency and require cleaning services fast
  • Have plenty of backup cleaners available to step in at a moment’s notice if your regular cleaner is away
  • Always check your cleaning supplies are well-stocked and you have everything you need
  • Have a good eye for detail, satisfying the cleanliness standards of even the fussiest guests
  • Do a thorough job of cleaning difficult-to-reach areas regularly, such as the top of kitchen cabinets or the underside of your rugs
  • Have full insurance and are accredited by reputable trade bodies

How do you clean a holiday let?

Professional cleaners clean holiday lets systematically, usually by following a checklist. Most tackle complex areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom and then move on to simple tasks, such as the bedroom.

In the kitchen, cleaning began by wiping down all the surfaces, including tables, chairs, countertops and baby equipment. It then moves on to appliance cleaning. Professionals remove residues from the oven, coffee machine, microwave and dishwasher, if necessary. Grime can stick tenaciously to some equipment, like BBQ grills, so cleaners may leave these to soak while they get on with other tasks, such as mopping and sweeping the floor.

Cleaners then go on to empty the bins, restock washing up and dishwasher liquid and wipe down any placemats in the kitchen bar or stool areas. They put any remaining washing up in the dishwasher.

Bathroom cleaning begins with removing leftover toiletries and emptying bins. Cleaners then wipe down any window sills, vanities and other countertops. Once that’s done, bath, sink and shower unit cleaning begins. Cleaners remove debris from the plughole and check all the caulk for stains and mould growth. After that comes various minor jobs, including mopping the floor, restocking soap, and in some cases, double-checking the plumbing if necessary, and hanging clean towels.

Lounge and bedroom cleaning is more straightforward. Rental property cleaners begin by dusting and wiping down all the surfaces and vacuuming all the carpets and upholstery. They then clean windows, check the TV remote batteries, and remove any magazines that are no longer required.

In the bedrooms, they remove any rubbish, wash and replace all linens, vacuum the floor and dust and clean mirrors. They may also check under the bed for any items guests left behind.

What do customers expect from a cleaning company?

Professional cleaning company in Brighton and Hove, United kingdom.

Customers hiring a cleaning company in Brighton and Hove have a range of expectations. Here’s a comprehensive list of what they are looking for:

Flexible Cleaning Services

Customers want cleaning services that work around their schedule. Cleaners should be available during guests’ changeover times and arrive promptly before the next party arrives.

Well-Trained Staff

Customers also want well-trained staff who know what they are doing. Cleaners should have ample experience with holiday lets and understand how to cover all their bases.

Courteous And Professional

Being courteous and professional is another expectation of a good holiday let service. Owners should feel confident and comfortable engaging with cleaners and trusting them with their properties.

Quick Response And Good Communication

A professional cleaning company should also respond quickly to enquiries. Cleaners should be on-site within a couple of hours when needed, particularly when there is a cleaning emergency.

Full Service

Lastly, holiday let owners expect full-service cleaning packages. They want cleaners who can care for every aspect of their property, not just the big-ticket items. Cleaners should clean inside and outside the rental and offer maintenance services where necessary.

What makes a successful holiday let?

Successful holiday lets have the following characteristics:

  • Exceptional cleanliness. In today’s internet age, a lack of holiday let cleanliness can cost you dearly. Holidaymakers won’t accept dirt, grime or evidence of occupations by previous guests. You’ll get bad reviews if they do.
  • A great location. When it comes to holiday lets, nothing beats a great location, particularly if you want guests to use it year-round.
  • Suited to the target market. Your let should also be suitable for the target market. For instance, you should set up your let for families if you are close to a theme park.
  • Great comfort. Guests want to feel cosy when they are at your holiday let. Therefore, prioritising comfort can have a positive impact on reviews.

Equipped to a high standard. Lastly, you should equip your let to a high standard. Guests should have all the equipment they need to enjoy their stay, particularly in the kitchen.

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