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How to clean washing machine

Here’s how to clean washing machine. Most washing machines today are front loading. They use less detergent than top-loaders and they are more energy-efficient.

Tool and materials, you will need:

You are going to need the following:

• A sponge scourer
• Water
• Soda crystals
• Vinegar

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How to clean your washing machine with soda crystals

1. Start by mixing together ¼ cup of water and ¼ cup of soda crystals in a small bowl.
This creates a ‘detergent’ that will be used to clean your machine.
2. Pour the vinegar into a measuring jug.
3. Head over to your machine with both solutions.
4. Open your machine’s container for detergent, and put the soda crystals inside.
The vinegar should then be poured into the drum.
5. Set your washer on the hottest water setting for a normal load.
6. Close the door, turn the machine on, and let it do all the hard work for you. The vinegar and the soda will naturally break up the mineral deposits.
7. Once the wash is finished, open the door and use a cleaning sponge to clean around this area, getting rid of any residue and stubborn mould.
8. Once you have done this, you should simply rinse your machine with a bit of water.

How do I clean my top-loading washing machine with Vinegar or Bleach?

If you have a top-loading washing machine in your rental property, here’s how you can clean
it successfully…
Tools and materials, you will need
You are going to need the following:

• A microfibre cloth
• A toothbrush
• Baking soda
• White vinegar or bleach
How to clean washing machine and more.

Step-by-step clean washing machine guide

1. The first thing you need to do is set your washing machine on the longest wash, hottest water setting, and highest load size.
2. As the washing machine starts to fill up, open the lid and add a quart of white vinegar or bleach. Both will clean your washing machine immaculately, yet white vinegar does not contain any toxins.
3. Now add a cup of baking soda. You should then shut the lid and allow the washing machine
to stir for a minute or two.

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